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Maintenance & Service

An Autarq solar roof tile system is maintenance-free and doesn’t incur any running costs.

Autarq solar roof tiles have the advantage that – unlike standard solar modules – they don’t require a surround in which dirt can collect. Hence, for roof pitches above 20°, cleaning is usually not necessary: The system cleans itself through the rain. With lower roof pitches or in the vicinity of industrial plants with increased air pollution, cleaning may be advisable. This should be done with water and very soft brushes only. There are companies almost everywhere in Germany that offer such cleaning services.

The glass surface of Autarq solar roof tiles is smooth and doesn’t become mossy. Conventional solar modules have an aluminium frame, on the edge of which rainwater can gather. This is where moss tends to form. In contrast, the solar laminates installed on Autarq solar roof tiles have no frame: Rainwater drains off completely and the tile remains clean.

That’s easy: You lift up the old solar roof tile and unplug the cable at the back of the tile. Due to the cable length, there is sufficient clearance. Then you insert the cable at the back of the new solar roof tile and install it just like a standard roof tile, i.e. you push it under the adjacent tiles until the interlocking fits.