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Legal & Warranty

Our industry partners, the roof tile manufacturers CREATON, Jacobi-Walther and Skarpnes, assume liability and warranty for the functionality of the solar roof tiles in their capacity as roofing. Autarq assumes liability and warranty for the functionality of the Autarq solar roof tile system in its solar-electric function. In addition to the solar roof tiles, this also includes the Autarq wire harness and the Autarq PV converter. The executing roofing company assumes the liability and warranty for the proper installation and the functionality of the roof.

All-risk insurance for solar systems is a comprehensive insurance policy based on the principle of fully comprehensive insurance: It covers damage caused by lightning, hail, fire, vandalism, operating errors and more – in other words, almost all conceivable cases, hence the name. More detailed information can be found in the insurance conditions of the insurance providers.

Autarq solar roof tiles are manufactured according to the state of the art in the solar industry with the same well-known and million times proven materials and manufacturing processes as conventional crystalline solar modules. Raw materials are sourced from certified and monitored suppliers. Our manufacturing processes are carried out according to strict quality criteria and continuous controls in our production. Our solar roof tiles are tested and certified according to both IEC 61215 (durability and longevity) and IEC 61730 (safety) standards. Many years of experience in the solar industry show that solar modules manufactured and tested in this way lose a maximum of 0.5 % power per year (degradation).