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With the performance data of the 2022 solar roof tiles (10 watts per tile), the Autarq system achieves 120 watts per square metre.

Our recommended retail price is € 400 per square metre excluding installation.

The purchase cost for electricity from the public grid was moren than 50 ct/kWh in 2020 – the trend has been rising ever sice. For this reason – and because the feed-in tariff for solar power is dropping every month – the self-consumption of self-generated solar power is particularly attractive.

Normally not. The glass surface of Autarq solar roof tiles is slightly structured and refracts light in different directions (prism refraction).

Yes, the cables of an Autarq system can be recycled.

As a rule of thumb, 12 solar roof tiles are installed per square metre.

The feed-in tariff is decreasing monthly, so it's becoming ever less important for owners of photovoltaic solutions. For photovoltaic systems registered in 2020, the feed-in tariff was just over 10 cents per kWh (system output under 10 kWp). Against this background – and with regard to rising energy costs – the self-comsumption of solar power becomes all the more attractive.

During a vacation, the solar power generated on the roof first supplies the house, which has a certain base load: Domestic appliances such as refrigerators and freezers and devices in stand-by mode usually consume about 300-400 W per day. The solar power surplus is automatically fed into the public grid.

The German concept of tenant power models is to consume locally produced electricity locally. The advantages: On the one hand, the electricity grid is relieved. On the other hand, tenant power providers and tenants benefit directly, as the self-produced solar power is cheaper than electricity from the public grid. These attractive models can certainly also be used with an Autarq solar roof.

In practice, a battery storage system is worthwhile if not all of the solar power generated during the day is consumed directly. A battery storage system thus enables the use of solar power after sunset. It also ensures that solar electricity can be used during the day even in changeable weather. Such weather conditions occur frequently in Germany, so a battery storage system ensures the constant availability of solar power.

The monocrystalline solar cells from various leading manufacturers have an efficiency of 20 % to 22 %. Autarq always uses the leading technology.

Yes, but due to the glass surface they are more slippery when wet than conventional roof tiles. There is also a risk of breakage under point load – a ladder should therefore never rest unprotected on the glass surface of the solar roof tiles.

Houses with attractive roofs and smart energy solutions fetch better prices than houses with simple roofs or conventional solar technology. In the past, potential buyers have decided against a house with a conventional solar roof for aesthetic reasons.

Yes. Autarq solar roof tiles are based on the standard tiles of the manufacturers CREATON, Jacobi-Walther and Skarpnes. Their system tiles are fully compatible with Autarq solar roof tiles. The system tiles of these manufacturers are fully compatible with the respective solar roof tiles powered by Autarq.

Yes. The rows of solar roof tiles can be interrupted by special accessories (e.g. ventilation tiles, snow guards, steps for the chimney sweep) from the same roof tile series. The Autarq wire harness simply runs past them. The solar roof tiles to the left and right of special tiles are plugged into the Autarq wire harness as usual.

Yes, an Autarq solar system must be registered with the grid operator. A grid enquiry must be submitted before installation and a notification of completion must be made after installation. In addition, in Germany the system must be registered with the Federal Network Agency. For a system output of less than 30 kWp, no business has to be registered.

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