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As a rule of thumb, 12 solar roof tiles are installed per square metre.

With the performance data of the 2022 solar roof tiles (10 watts per tile), the Autarq system achieves 120 watts per square metre.

Currently, we cooperate with the roof tile manufacturers CREATON, Jacobi-Walther and Skarpnes.

Much like traditional photovoltaics, a roof orientation to the east, south and west is best suited for an Autarq solar roof. Roofs facing east and west should not exceed a roof pitch of 45° in order to get as many hours of sunlight as possible. Since solar roofs are nowadays installed primarily to generate electricity for self-consumption – and not to feed power into the public grid – using an east or west-facing roof has a decisive advantage: the distribution of power generation throughout the day is much more even than with a south-facing roof. Although the latter achieves a high yield peak at midday, most residents have little need for electricity at this time of day. With a particularly low roof pitch, even a north-facing roof can be covered with Autarq solar roof tiles.

As with every modern solar system made of crystalline solar cells, the relevant physical values are used as a basis. Accordingly, we assume that an Autarq solar roof loses a maximum of 0.5 % of power per year. The technical term for this is degradation.

The purchase cost for electricity from the public grid was moren than 50 ct/kWh in 2020 – the trend has been rising ever sice. For this reason – and because the feed-in tariff for solar power is dropping every month – the self-consumption of self-generated solar power is particularly attractive.

Yes, Autarq solar roof tiles have already been used in various projects with heritage requirements. We’re happy to tell you more about our experiences.

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