Autarq solar roof tiles ☀ Aesthetic look & function

Autarq solar roof tiles


Get the look and the function.

Autarq Solardachziegel in schwarz auf dem DachRegular roof tiles
Autarq Solardachziegel in schwarz auf dem DachSolar roof tiles

Autarq solar roof tiles look just like regular roof tiles and integrate seamlessly into the design of your roof. Good to know: The weight of our solar roof tiles is similar to that of the original tiles, so the roof’s load-bearing capacity is not affected.


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25 years of performance, guaranteed.

Autarq Solardachziegel in schwarz in einer Detailaufnahme

During production, Autarq solar modules are bonded inseparably with original roof tiles. We only use roof tiles from renowned manufacturers: That makes Autarq solar roof tiles just as durable as regular tiles. With a 25-year performance guarantee, an Autarq solar roof will generate clean energy to supply your home for the next generation.

25 Jahre Garantie bei Autarq

Autarq solar roof tiles maintain at least 80 % of their original power output after 25 years of service.


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High quality.

Trust tried-and-tested materials.

Autarq Solardachziegel in schwarz in einer Detailaufnahme

We use the same high-quality materials that have proven themselves millions of times over in conventional solar modules. All components are UV and weather resistant, non-toxic and recyclable. We source raw materials from certified and monitored suppliers. Compliance with our manufacturing processes is based on strict quality criteria and constant production controls.

  • UV and weather resistant
  • Non-toxic and recycable

Panels vs Tiles

Tiles wins every time.

Solar panels
Solar roof tiles
AesteticsRoof mounted panels make for typical "solar panel aesthetics"Seamless integration into overall aesthetics of the roof design
FlexibilityLimited use of the roof surface, unsuitable for complex roofsMaximum use of the roof surface, even with complex roof designs
SafetyDanger of high voltages and currentsHigh level of safety due to operation in low-voltage range
InstallationComplex installationEasy installation by Autarq certified roofers

The Autarq system. How do solar tiles on your roof provide power in your sockets? Take a look at the key components of an Autarq system and find out how it all comes together.

Autarq System Zeichnung mit allen Elementen

Solar roof tiles.

Next level looks, one tile at a time.

Skarpnes Ovati™ in Schwarz

Skarpnes Ovati™

Edelspacegrau fine engobe

Jacobi-Walther Stylist-PV

FINESSE black glaze
CREATON® PV-AUTARQ in Schwarz glänzend


Die Alleinstellung von Autarq Solardachziegeln beruht auch darauf, dass traditionelle Tondachziegel wie von Creaton oder Jacobi Walther verwendet und mit der Solartechnologie von Autarq veredelt werden. Mit einzigartigen Eigenschaften: Autarq verzichtet gänzlich auf wartungsintensive Leistungselektronik auf dem Dach. Solardachziegel mit Autarq Technologie werden als einzige parallel verschaltet und erzeugen so auch bei Teilverschattung zuverlässig Strom. Sie werden als harte Bedachung klassifiziert und brauchen keinen weiteren Brandschutz. Für diese Eigenschaften gibt es bisher keine Solardachziegel-Alternativen.