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autarq aims to quadruple sales in 2018

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Solar roof tiles increasingly in demand, autarq’s order intake doubles

Solar roof tile manufacturer autarq GmbH is tripling its production capacity at its Prenzlau site to meet strong demand.
“We’re particularly active, of course, in the German market,” says company spokesperson Martin Flossmann, “and we’re now experiencing a definite increase in demand. For example, there’s heightened interest about solar roof tiles among neighbours close to the many existing installations, and increasingly more roofers are including autarq solar roof tiles in their joint planning with customers.”

The order intake in the first quarter of this year already exceeds that for 2017 as a whole. Customers typically place orders 3 to 6 months before construction begins. With the enlarged production facility, we can well imagine quadrupling sales in 2018 – even if the capacity expansion only takes effect in the middle of the year,” Martin Flossmann continues. After completing the developments and applying for another patent, autarq will invest over 1 million euros in the first half of the year to significantly increase the production volume of the solar roof tiles. The goal is to produce at least 500,000 solar roof tiles per year once the automated production line has been set up.

New: Heightened cooperation with Creaton AG, Wertingen near Augsburg

“Our Domino smooth tile has already proven to be a very suitable model for producing solar roof tiles during the last two years, and we’re looking forward to the increased cooperation with autarq,”

says Ann-Katrin Rieser, Head of Target Group Marketing at Creaton. In fact, autarq has already been producing solar roof tiles based on the Creaton smooth tile since 2016.

The autarq solar roof tile was presented to Creaton AG customers for the first time at the DACH+HOLZ trade fair in Cologne, demonstrating its technical and aesthetic integration into the architecture of buildings.
The cooperation makes particular use of an existing logistics chain via the roofing trade to meet the increasing demand.
“For autarq, this recognition by Creaton AG, one of Europe’s leading roofing brands, reinforces confidence in the quality of our products – the basis for our cooperation,”

Martin Flossmann confirms.

What makes autarq solar roof tiles so attractive for home builders?

Even without subsidies, there’s considerable demand for solar power systems in Germany, and single-family home owners in particular want to secure their homes for the future. That’s why an energy supply from your own roof is at the top of the list instead of buying electricity.

It’s hard to miss the large-scale photovoltaic modules you see perched on top of many roofs. But with autarq solar roof tiles, they’re almost invisible: As an alternative, autarq solar roof tiles offer a smart roof that particularly emphasises the value of the house.

autarq solar roof tiles are almost indistinguishable from original tiles and are manufactured to match the existing roof tiles. For home owners, a significant advantage is that the solar power system can be installed in a single step when the roof is covered by the roofer, and there are no additional loads on the roof.

The power of the sun for every roof

No changes are necessary to the roof itself: The weight is approximately the same as the original tile, the roof’s structural load-bearing capacity is not impaired, and the cables and plug contacts lie under the roof cladding and are therefore protected against the weather. The non-hazardous low voltage (< 120 V) facilitates easy handling by the roofer, and offers the ideal product for renovation and new-build schemes. In contrast to large-format modules, the autarq system features parallel connections and is therefore immune to shading. < Skylights, chimneys, ventilation pipes or TV aerials have little impact on the installation and operation of such systems. Apart from the north side, almost every square metre of a house roof can be used to generate electricity. 40 square metres of roof surface are often sufficient to achieve enough electricity for self-consumption in the house. autarq individually designs the optimal solar power system for each home, while also taking into account the east- and west-facing roof surfaces. The goal remains to reduce the current electricity consumption by at least 70 per cent.

The complete system from a single source

autarq offers individual and complete system solutions. For a comprehensive needs analysis, all necessary data is determined by an autarq sales representative on site and a bespoke quote is drawn up in consultation with the building owner. In addition to the solar roof tiles, cable harness, inverter and energy manager, the system usually also includes an electricity storage unit so that the electricity generated during the day can be used at night.
Once the roof has been installed, autarq’s in-house technician establishes the grid connection and sets up the solar power storage unit and the inverter, regardless of the progress of the construction work.
To date, it’s been shown that the installation of the system components and the grid connection can be completed within one day for each solar roof tile system.

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